Marvelbet Affiliate

Marvelbet is a popular betting company that offers quality casino games in the Indian, Bangladeshi, and Vietnamese markets. At the moment, the user on the platform can try many slots and casino games that have been created by renowned providers around the world and are in demand in the market. For new users, we have taken care of and created a nice bonus for gambling enthusiasts, which helps to try the bookmaker services with a minimum investment. Our team at Marvelbet always has a goal first and foremost to make gambling services more fun and exciting so that you can spend your time at your pleasure.

Currently, the Marvelbet affiliate program has simple and intuitive navigation that is easy to use and has a rational layout of tabs so that a user wishing to participate in the affiliate program can quickly find the right button to do so. The affiliate program is available to both official website users and mobile app owners. With the help of partners, we can promote our gambling games so that other users can learn about the platform’s products, and sponsors can get a percentage of the profit from this help. To find out all the information about Marvelbet’s affiliate program, go to the main page of the platform and go down to the bottom. Then find the “Affiliate” tab and click on it, so you can become a sponsor and make a significant contribution to the project.

What services can partners promote on the Marvelbet platform?

When a user successfully becomes an affiliate of Marvelbet bookmaker, he can promote services related to gambling and betting, which will be interesting and which other users will play. This is a good opportunity for the sponsor to promote the products of the Marvelbet platform and make a profit from it. The current products that can be offered in the promotion to the sponsor on the Marvelbet gaming platform are “Slots”, “Live Casino”, “Sportsbook” and “Sports Exchange”. Slots are currently offered on 7 different platforms, which include 300+ games that can also be played with jackpots, making it more likely that some players will hit the jackpot. It is also possible to provide a “Live Casino” promotion where a live dealer is involved, and such a list includes Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and other games that are popular with users in Bangladesh. Regarding the betting component, it is recommended that sponsors promote 2 platforms where there is a quality exchange market with acceptable odds for users and relevant disciplines that are relevant to users in Bangladesh.

Marvelbet Affiliate Benefits

For partners, the Marvelbet has made some advantages that make it easier to work on a platform. Such advantages include the following points:

  • Free registration on the platform. You can become an affiliate of Marvelbet completely free of charge, all registration details are provided automatically after receiving approval from our company to participate in the affiliate program.
  • Without any investment. An affiliate does not need to have any money to start an affiliate partnership, just start driving your traffic, help create new services, and thereby start earning from scratch.
  • Quick payouts. Partners who help the Marvelbet platform closely are paid every month. Get paid quickly and without any problems.
  • Partner Revenue Share. Partner receives 40% of the Revenue Share of your subordinate members each month.
  • Affiliate Managers. Marvelbet partners are given work managers as support to make it easier for them to make profits several times over. This allows for productive work for partners who persistently help develop the Marvelbet platform.
  • Revenue transparency. Our sponsors can easily access data on the share of revenue received from their downline members. This allows monitoring for a better workflow for platform partners.

A detailed guide for starting the Marvelbet Affiliate Program

There are no complicated steps to becoming an affiliate. To successfully join the affiliate program, you will need to take a couple of simple steps:

  • Complete the registration process for the affiliate program. A user will need to fill out a registration form to apply for participation. Click on the “Register” button and fulfill all the points required from you by the Marvelbet platform. All information you enter must be correct, check just in case after entering all the required information.
  • Waiting for your application to be approved. When an affiliate program candidate leaves his application after submitting the registration form, you will have to wait for a response from the platform team. Applications are usually screened on a queue basis and take about 24 hours from the time the application is sent. The confirmation comes from the email that the candidate entered when filling out the registration form.
  • Revenue Share. When you successfully become a partner of the Marvelbet platform, the revenue share will be transferred every month to the sponsor’s account, which will be indicated during the registration.

MarvelBet Affiliate Revenue Share

All payments from Marvelbet are made every month, and affiliates receive 40% of the revenue. Payments are made swiftly and don’t take the sponsor too long. With three active members, a downline partner’s monthly net loss must be at least 2,500 BDT. The deposit of members or other members below the affiliate line, less any incentives or bonuses that are periodically given to active members, determines the partner’s share of income.


Do affiliates charge a fee for completing the registration form to participate in the Marvelbet affiliate program?

Registration for affiliate program candidates is completely free of charge, as a bonus, each affiliate who is approved for support application is assigned exclusive affiliate relationship managers who will introduce the user to them.

Does anyone have the right to become an affiliate of Marvelbet?

Not everyone can become a sponsor of the Marvelbet platform without having a media component. First of all, our team considers more media personalities who have a lot of subscribers on social networks, YouTubers, and casino agents who are willing to try themselves as an affiliate.

How long does a candidate have to wait for approval to join the Marvelbet affiliate program?

When the sponsor candidate fills out and submits the registration form, it is automatically checked in a queue. The Marvelbet support team normally takes about 24 hours from the time the application is sent.

How many withdrawals can a partner request in one month?

Since a partner is only entitled to withdrawal once a month, withdrawal can only be requested at one time a month as well.

What payment methods does the Marvelbet partner program support?

Payouts according to the classical scenario are made to the partner’s bank account, which was specified when filling out the registration form. That is why our team asks applicants to enter only correct information to reduce non-payment cases. If a partner prefers other payment methods, you need to discuss this issue with your affiliate manager, who will try to correct this issue.