Part A. Introduction

All rules and regulations stated in this tab are part of the agreement between the user and MarvelBet. Therefore, all terms and conditions stated in the rules and regulations shall be observed and the definitions of these rules and regulations shall be observed by both parties. 

If an event occurs that does not comply with the rules and regulations of the platform available on this tab, our team reserves the right to decide the outcome of each completed User event on an individual basis.

Responsibility of the client

MarvelBet platform users must be aware of all the Terms and Conditions available on this tab to use the bookmaker’s services.

Suspicious activity rules

MarvelBet team has the right to cancel, cancel or withhold a player’s account for reasons related to suspicious activity at any time of the day at its sole discretion.

All of the above Rules and Regulations shall be considered as the final verdict for the user and shall not be subject to further appeal without valid reasons and evidence from the other party. 

Errors of third parties

MarvelBet accepts no liability whatsoever for the actions of users in transmitting their data to third parties or for the results of matches on which the user has placed a bet. Consequently, there will be no reimbursement from our team in this situation. 

Tangible Errors

The MarvelBet Team has the right, at its sole discretion, to correct errors on the platform as well as to take any action for the fair play of its customers. Such errors include incorrect information published on the platform regarding an event, such as incorrect odds, the incorrect team indicated in the match or player available in the team, or tournament and other errors that can cause harm to the user who has made a bet. 

Customer disputes regarding bets

Users who have any problems or questions regarding the existing Rules and Regulations of the platform should contact MarvelBet technical support for the settlement of the issue.

Part B. General exchange rules

General managing markets In-Play

If the platform is not scheduled for live play but is not suspended at the appropriate time, our team is entitled to cancel all bets that have been placed during that period. 

All markets not suspended during the “Shutdown”

Our team endeavors to use all reasonable efforts to ensure that bets will not come into play during the “shutdown” period. 

General Results and market settlement

The market will always be settled following the Specialised Sports Rules available. In the event of uncertainty about the outcome on the platform, our team may suspend settlement of any market indefinitely until the matter has been resolved and brought to a rational outcome. 


Calculations are always made immediately after the end of the event on the platform. MarvelBet may settle markets before the announcement of the official outcome of a bet solely for purposes related to the service of its clientele. Also, the company has the right to change the market settlement for the outcome of an event.

Withdrawals and Disqualification

Entities are always entitled to cancel bets by the terms and conditions of the platform. The user must first be familiar with the applicable Special Sports Rules.

Abandonments, Cancellation, Postponements

Some host markets may have different rules, which are well described in the Special Sports Rules. However, it also happens that markets do not have specific provisions for abandonment, cancellation, and/or postponement of events, in which case if an event is not completed within three days of the completion date, all bets are available in the market will be deemed void.

Change of venue

There is a point that if a bet has already been placed on the MarvelBet platform and the venue of the match has changed, such a bet can only be considered invalid if it is a team sport. 

Dead Heat

Unless another factor is specified in the special sporting rules, the “Dead heat” rule is used and applies to special bets on an available market where there are more winners than expected.

Part C. Special Sports Rules for MarvelBet Sports Products

A. Exchange Cricket & Zero Commission Cricket General

If a situation occurs during a match, for example, if the match is not played, is shortened due to weather conditions, or is determined to be Super Over, Bowl Over, or Draw, all bets, in that case, will be void and all funds will be refunded to the holders. 

Test matches

If a match has long started but is then stopped for any reason other than weather conditions, the company reserves the right to cancel all bets. 

Limited overtime in matches

If by the end of the match there is no winner of the event, such bets on markets may automatically be considered invalid.

Super Over

A super over is defined as a method of extending the match in the event of a draw between two teams and additional overs are given until a match winner is determined.

B. Exchange Soccer & Zero Commission Soccer

If MarvelBet does not suspend markets with bets at the time of a significant event, our team is entitled to cancel bets and refund the owners. Also, bets can be voided by the referee and the whole process can take place both during the event and after the game. 

C. Exchange Tennis and Bookmaker Tennis (Zero Commission Tennis)

  1. If a player for any reason was disqualified or eliminated in any match, the winner of the match is the player who could pass to the next round; 
  2. All bets will remain valid if the venue of the match is changed or the type of coverage is changed;
  3. If changes occur in the course of the match with a change of time and number of games/sets needed to win, our team is entitled to cancel all available bets.

D. Fancy Cricket

  1. If all bets are completed and settled, the user cannot change anything, even if the match ends in a draw or is abandoned for whatever reason;
  2. According to the existing betting rules, if the market is suspended and not resumed for any reason, all previous bets on the market remain valid and will be implemented;
  3. If a player gets injured during the event and one ball has already been played, all bets placed by the user remain valid;
  4. All decisions regarding the settlement of the markets will be made by the team of traders;
  5. Any types of bets that are deemed to be suspicious or illegal, our team is entitled to withhold funds from the user and subsequently penalize the user for these actions;
  6. The highest or lowest score scored in an inning is valid for the 1st inning only;
  7. If all events in the market go according to plan, the user will be paid after the end of the match;
  8. Dotball rules have some peculiarities and there are cases where a dotball does not count, these include Wides Ball, No Ball, Leg Bye, and Bye Run;
  9. The betting rules state that if any team gains an advantage during a match or disadvantage, this does not apply to our platform in any way;
  10. In the event of weather conditions such as rain or reduced overs during the event, the bet may be invalidated.

E. Premium Cricket

  1. All available cricket bets are settled following the main competition rules;
  2. First of all, the bowler must score the first run and complete the first over for all bets to count;
  3. The results are calculated from the number of runs scored by the bowler, which are then added to the team total from the first ball of the match;
  4. In matches where the number of overs is limited, the team may void the bet if 80% of the scheduled number of overs have not been completed, for example, due to bad weather or other factors;
  5. A bet on the best batsman, bowler, or man of the match not being in the starting line-up before the match starts are void;
  6. Match Top Batsman: In matches where the over the limit is applied, bets will be voided if 50% of the scheduled overtime market is not played due to weather conditions;
  7. Runs off delivery: The result of this bet is determined by the number of runs the bowler has subsequently added to the team’s total score for the innings indicated;
  8. Runs in Over: For this bet to be fully counted, the specified over must be completed, unless the bet has already been calculated;
  9. Wicket in Over: All conditions, including removal of the bowler from the field, are used to calculate;
  10. Zero over is an even number;
  11. All matches are decided by the number of runs and if there are less than 20 runs in a match then that bet is invalid;
  12. Last Man Standing: If a situation arises at the end of the innings and two or more players are run out, the last batsman who was served will be deemed the winner when the results are tallied;
  13. Method of Removal: If the player in question does not leave the game, such a bet will automatically become void;
  14. Next batter: If one of the team’s bowlers withdraws due to injury or the batsmen are different from those on the market, such a bet automatically becomes void;
  15. Free Kick: If a free kick is repeated due to illegal pitching by either team, the runs scored during the second free kick are not counted;
  16. Race to ‘X’ Runs: If one of the batsmen fails to score the required number of runs during the match, the market rate will be calculated as “Neither”;
  17. Next to Hit Six: If during the match one of the batsmen fails to hit six after a bet has been placed on the market, it will be calculated as “Neither”;
  18. Winner of the toss: If the result of the toss somehow becomes known before the event, this bet will be void.

F. Premium Tennis

  1. Should any player drop out, leave due to injury or be absent from the pitch, all bets placed by our team will be void;
  2. If a match is delayed due to weather conditions or darkness, all bets will be void and will be settled as soon as the match has started and been completed;
  3. If the line-up is incorrect or if one of the players leaves the field, our team is entitled to cancel the bet;
  4. If bets are placed at incorrect odds, our team is entitled to void the bet;
  5. If a tie-break match is played as a deciding set in a Best of 3 formats, then it will count as a 3rd set.

G. Premium Soccer

  1. If a match does not comply with the generally accepted rules on the market, then our team is entitled to cancel the bet;
  2. If a scheduled match is canceled, all bets related to that match are void;
  3. The rules and regulations of the platform should be published in several languages for information purposes;
  4. If a match is suspended for any reason and continues for 48 hours, the scheduled betting market remains in effect;
  5. If our team has made a calculation and the referee decides that such calculation is incorrect, we will be entitled to void the bet;
  6. Football matches that are abandoned before 90 minutes of play are invalid in this case. This also applies to friendly matches only if time is interrupted before the 80th minute of play;
  7. A player cannot receive 3 cards during a match. A player may receive yellow and red cards during a match in isolated cases;
  8. Corner kicks, which are not taken during the match, do not count;
  9. All players directly involved in the match are added to the list;
  10. The bet is calculated based on the time of the goal scored by one of the teams involved in the match;
  11. A goal can be scored by a penalty kick, a corner kick, or by hitting the ball with any part of the body.