Responsible Gaming

MarvelBet is always trying to support its users so that they use the services of a betting company to treat gambling responsibly and know about gambling addiction, how to deal with it and what are the ways to treat this disease.

MarvelBet’s policy is aimed at reducing gambling addiction among its users and encouraging a responsible approach to gambling. In addition to this, MarvelBet takes responsibility for providing a wide range of online gambling games that are provided by well-known providers with a good reputation on the market.  

MarvelBet’s main goal is to provide the safest platform that offers adults a wide range of services. The whole list of services offered by the company allows any platform user to play within their financial capabilities and have fun with it. Any platform, including MarvelBet, values safety, reliability, and fairness, which in tandem give the user a large number of options in enjoying the bookmaker’s services. Based on these factors, in addition to providing quality services for pleasure, the company must also warn against negative consequences and must do everything possible to reduce gambling addiction on the part of platform users. 

In general, gambling on the MarvelBet Bangladesh platform is based on three basic principles that any user should know – player safety, the safety of play during the use of the platform’s services, and protection from unwanted consequences of gambling addiction. Together with scientific institutes and other treatment facilities dealing with gambling addiction we are working on creating a responsible environment for users, which will reduce the number of cases of gambling addiction among our customers in the future.

Users protection

Our team takes responsibility for our users. Protection of users is based primarily on the prohibition of participation in the betting activities of underage users and privacy protection, which allows more thorough protection of all personal data and transactions of the user from unauthorized persons. All services provided by MarvelBet are carefully monitored by independent organizations that are responsible for the fair conduct of the platform’s activities. Marketing communications are also designed to protect users and offer only what players can get from using the platform.

Protecting against gambling addiction

Most users of our platform bet on sports disciplines or play casinos purely for pleasure. However, a person has certain habits or behaviors that can later lead them to negative consequences in the form of gambling addiction. Therefore, in this situation, when a user uses gambling or betting services, he must distinguish for himself when he bets or plays for his pleasure, and when he has already crossed the line of gambling addiction. 

If a user has such a problem as gambling addiction, he is prohibited from further participation in betting activities on the platform. To solve this problem, the company provides contacts of organizations that deal with this problem, where users can provide qualified advice and assistance.

Self-accountability as a reliable form of prevention

Self-responsibility is an important component for any user who starts using the bookmaker services of the platform. Since it is the user himself who decides how much money he can spend on the game and how much he cannot. If the user does not distinguish these moments, it is advisable not to start using the services of our office, to remove himself from negative consequences in advance. 

That is why customer self-responsibility is the most effective form of protection against addiction. In addition to the user, MarvelBet also sees its responsibility in helping its customers by providing them with quality services as well as complete information that can further help the user to reduce the likelihood of developing a gambling addiction.

Minor’s protection

Our company does not allow the use of betting services by persons under 18 years of age. Therefore, the verification process is extremely important for our platform to reduce the creation of accounts by minors. This process includes verification of your identity, as well as confirmation of the user’s date of birth. To increase the protection against the involvement of minors in gambling activities we rely on the support of parents and guardians. 

In addition, we advise guardians or parents to download special software, which will further prevent visits to online betting platforms by underage users.

Responsibility before problems

MarvelBet offers its users a large number of games and bets on sports disciplines, which are a direct form of entertainment for most members of the platform. At the same time, the company is aware of the risks and takes responsibility for its users by providing the right tools and detailed information for a safe and favorable environment on the platform.

However unfortunately there is a small percentage of users who find it difficult to assess the risks and limits they may face while gambling or wagering on our platform. Therefore MarvelBet takes responsibility for such users by blocking their access to our services for their protection and to reduce the risk of future financial losses.

Stay up to date on your issues 

Most users play on our platform for fun. Moderate participation in games within their financial means is acceptable. However, there is a small percentage of users who overlook their internal problems in the form of the fact that they consider gambling not a form of entertainment, but a challenge to themselves, which can later lead to negative consequences. So before carrying out such actions, think about the consequences and make a balanced choice.

What is problem gambling behavior?

Problem gambling behavior is defined as behavior that disrupts a user’s mode of living, which can harm a person’s financial situation, health, and the health of others (family). If a person has unstable gaming behavior he can cause great harm to himself, which is a big problem for him and our platform as a whole. 

Gambling addiction was officially recognized in 1980 as a type of psychological illness in humans and listed in the international classification system DSM-IV and ICD-10. This type of disorder is understood as a recurring and often increasing propensity to gamble, which leads to negative consequences in the form of debts, constant quarrels in the family, and delayed professional development of a person on the career ladder. Such people see nothing but gambling and are willing to risk everything to play an unlimited amount of time on the platform.

How can gambling addiction be noticed in a person’s behavior?

In general, it is quite difficult for an ordinary person to determine this disease and all diagnoses are first of all dealt with by specialists who know all the subtleties and stages of gambling addiction. All material provided in this section will help the user at this point to assess their gambling behavior.

The particular danger of different types of addictions is that it is difficult for the user to determine the line between pleasure and gambling addiction. If a person learns how to define these boundaries he/she can easily overcome gambling addiction. To determine gambling addiction, our company has created a list of symptoms that will determine the user the presence of gambling addiction:

  1. The user is extremely involved in gambling activities and all his thoughts are directed only to this area;
  2. In the long-term use of betting services the user increases the number of bets;
  3. Attempts to stop his participation in gambling or betting activities prove unsuccessful;
  4. If the user does not have access to gambling for a long period, there are signs of irritation and anger towards others;
  5. Constantly quarrels and breaks off any relations with the family because of gambling activities;
  6. Considers gambling the only way to escape from real problems;
  7. The gambler constantly tries to win back the lost amount using finances meant for everyday life, not for entertainment;
  8. Lies to his family or friends about his gambling behavior;
  9. Goes into debt for the sake of gambling.

Rules for playing responsibly

By following certain rules, which will be placed in the tab below, you will be able to enjoy gambling without fear for yourself:

  1. Begin your gambling activities only when you are in a calm state and focused on the game;
  2. Try to take regular breaks from your gambling activities to reduce the likelihood of gambling addiction;
  3. Differentiate in advance which of your finances are meant for your daily life and which are meant for the enjoyment of betting or gambling;
  4. Set certain limits for yourself, and try not to exceed the given frame;
  5. Before you start gambling, think about the maximum amount of money you want to win during the day, after which you should stop gambling;
  6. Do not start playing if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as it may lead to increased gambling and subsequent negative consequences in the form of a full balance and further deposit to the account;
  7. Do not play in a depressed state, as it may lead to rash actions having catastrophic problems in the form of a lost balance.