Marvelbet Verification Process

Our betting site, like many others, requires the users to go through the verification process to be able to use all services of the casino without any restrictions. Many people think that it is dangerous and hard, however, it is not at all! Read this guide to get familiar with this process.

How to verify your personal account from Marvelbet

The process doesn’t require any extraordinary skills, however, it consists of 3 stages:

  • Email verification

For this, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up on the Marvelbet site;
  2. Log into your account;
  3. Click Member Center;
  4. Click on the email sign near the Verification status;
  5. Click Send Verification Code;
  6. Input the code from the received email within 5 minutes;
  7. Click Submit;
  8. If the code is correct, verification of your email is done.
  • Phone number verification

There are not so many differences from the email Marvelbet verification:

  1. Log into your account;
  2. Click Member Center;
  3. Click on the phone sign near the Verification status;
  4. Click Send Verification Code;
  5. Input the code from the received SMS within 5 minutes;
  6. Click Submit;
  7. If the code is correct, verification of your phone number is done.
  • ID verification

The last but not the least stage is your ID verification. It differs from the previous ones and is even more necessary to feel free in actions in our casino:

  1. Contact our customer support;
  2. Our agents will provide you with a link/phone number of our WhatsApp staff;
  3. Follow this link/phone number;
  4. Send a photo of your ID card to this WhatsApp account;
  5. Wait until your documents are checked.

When might it be needed?

It is necessary to take into account that Marvelbet verification is not necessary when you’ve just signed up with our betting company. You can even deposit without verification. However, if you want to withdraw money from our site, it is mandatory to be verified. In this case, verification is needed when you want to withdraw your funds.

Why do I need to verify my account?

First of all, please take into account that verification is necessary not only for customers from Bangladesh but for users from other countries as well. It is necessary for several reasons:

  • On the one hand: the ability to withdraw money;
  • On the other hand: safety, absence of financial crimes.

When we verify your personality, first, we make sure that you’re a real person. Then, it is also possible for us to check whether you try to trick us by creating several accounts under one ID, for example. It also helps us keep the money and data of our users safe and avoid any financial crimes. In case of any suspicious activities, we can block the account of the customer and don’t allow him to create one more with the same ID.

Marvelbet Support

Our Marvelbet customer support for players from Bangladesh will help you in case of any questions. It can be contacted 24/7 in several ways: via live chat, email, and social networks. Our response time depends on the method of communication you use, however, it is still fast everywhere. In the live chat, for instance, our agents give you an answer within several seconds! Please don’t be shy to contact us in case of some problems with verification or with something else, we’re always happy to help you!


Can I play games or place bets on sporting events without Marvelbet verification?

Yes, it is possible. However, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings without verification.

Will my personal data be shared with third parties?

No. We don’t share your personal data with third parties except for the cases described in our Privacy Policy, for example, when fraudulent activity is suspected.

What to do if I didn’t receive an SMS with a code for phone number verification?

When 5 minutes have passed, you can request the code once again in your profile.

Should I send you my selfie for Marvelbet verification?

We need a photo of your ID card, your selfie is not necessary.

Is it possible to contact the Marvelbet support service if I’m not registered but want to know more about verification?

Yes, of course! Our agents will be happy to answer any question even if you are not registered.