Marvelbet Arcade Games

Marvelbet is a new online casino for Indian and Bangladeshi players. At the moment we are licensed and regulated by the government Curacao Gaming License in Cyprus. Our services are permitted and secure to run all over the world. Despite being a new online casino, we can offer lots of arcade games for our customers to enjoy.

Our online casino is the home for various arcades in our extensive catalogue, that don’t fall into the “Slots” or “Live Casino” categories. Some of the most popular choices include the “Lucky Tap” series and other instant win games that are based on top-tier slots, such as “Olympus Fury”. Playing arcade games, our users have the opportunity not only to win money and other prizes, but also to spend time pleasantly, thanks to the eye-pleasing design of our site and user-friendly interface.

Online Arcade Games

online arcade games

At our site players can find an assortment of titles, including Slingo, Crash, Mine, and Tower games, amongst others. Most of these games fall into the “Instant Win” category. However, multiplayer games and video bingo can also be found in our Arcade catalogue. Each title is optimized for mobile devices, including phones and tablets, for ultimate convenience. With a vast selection of games to choose from, there’s something for everyone at the Marvelbet Arcade. Here is a list of the most popular games at our online casino:

  • Crash Games. At the start of the round, players will be prompted to select an appropriate stake size, which will then be locked in for the round. A line will then appear on a graph, with the potential winnings for the round increasing as time progresses. Players can choose to cashout whenever they wish or set an automatic limit for doing so. However, the line can ‘Crash’ randomly at any time. Should this happen while a bet is active, the stake will be lost;
  • Tap Games. Players can simply click or tap on a particular area of the screen to start the action, with the outcome of the round being determined using RNG (Random number generation). Potential winnings can include multiples of the bet size, bonus rounds, or jackpots, with fixed values being the most common. Like with most of the online arcade games on our site, the game hinges entirely on luck;
  • Mine Games. After choosing a stake size, punters can pick different spaces on the grid, which may reveal a mine. Should the space be empty, the potential winnings for the round will increase; however, selecting a space with a mine will forfeit the initial bet. After each selection, players can choose to cash out their potential winnings or to continue;
  • Tower Games. After selecting a stake size, players will have to make a choice between various stones on each floor. Should they guess right, players will move on to the next level, while an incorrect guess will see them leaving empty-handed. The potential winnings will increase as players make their way up the tower, with the option to cashout being available after each level;
  • Slingo Games. As the name suggests, Slingo games are a hybrid of slots and bingo. Players will be given one or more boards at the start of the round, before a reel spins at the bottom. A variety of numbers will appear, and should these match the ones on the players’ board, they will be crossed off, just like with traditional bingo games. Wilds are usually included, too, giving players the choice to remove a number from the board.

How To Play An Arсade Games

To start, players can browse through our extensive catalogue of arcade games in order to find one that matches their preferences. After the game has been selected, players should ensure that they know all the associated rules. This rules can be found by clicking or tapping the button showing the letter ‘I’. An appropriate stake size can then be chosen before the gameplay commences. For those that want to try a variety of different arcade games, Our online casino offer a wide range of promos and bonuses that change on a regular basis.

Arcade Game In Mobile App

arcade game in mobile app

From IOS smartphones through to Android tablets, use anything to access the Marvelbet Arcade mobile app. Mobile players have a large choice of optimized games, with the same prizes as desktop players. The display alters in size in order to fit the screens of different devices. The touchscreen layout and controls are perfectly intuitive for our customers. A detailed guide for our users on how to install the mobile app for android or IOS is listed below:

Mobile App Installation Guide For Android

If you have an Android based device, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the Marvelbet casino official website. You can find it just by writing ‘Marvelbet’ into the browser search;
  2. Click on the “Mobile App” link. It is located at the bottom of the site page;
  3. Click the “Download” button. Your device may show a warning about downloading apps from unknown sources. If so, go to your device’s “Settings” and enable the “Unknown Sources” option;
  4. Wait till download is complete. After that, click on the downloaded file to start the installation process;
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. It is very important not to cancel the installation until it is completely finished.
  6. When installation is complete, open the Marvelbet app and log in to your account. Now you can start placing bets on your slots and enjoy our Arcade Games.

Mobile App Installation Guide For IOS

If you have an IOS based device, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the Marvelbet official website. Just type its URL in the address bar;
  2. Click on the “Mobile version” link. It is located at the bottom of the site page;
  3. Click on the “Download” button. Our users can find it in the top right corner of the site;
  4. Wait till the download is 100% complete. Do not cancel the installation until it is finished;
  5. Click “Install” to install the app on your device. After that you can start using Marvelbet mobile app.

Get The Marvelbet Arcade Bonus

arcade game bonus

The bookmaker offers a wide list of bonuses and promotions for all customers. A bonus is a method of giving a player free money/gaming options (such as free spins or extra bets) to use at a casino. Special offers are made for both beginner and regular players. If you are new to play Marvelbet Arcade, you can count on a generous welcome bonus that is given on your first deposit. In addition, there are promo codes for new players to bet without making a deposit. Thus, new players can familiarize themselves with gambling experience and play without the risk of losing their own money. For regular Marvelbet customers, there is a cumulative system of amazing bonuses, as well as weekly promotions and money raffles.

Some of the last updated bonuses are listed below:

Bonus TypeDescription
Welcome Bonus For New PlayersMarvelbet offers a generous 100% first deposit bonus for our new users. It can be used in Arcade Games or Slots.
Affiliate BonusBring your friends to our casino via referral link and get generous cash prizes.
Jackpot BonusTo participate in Magical Jackpot user needs to deposit minimum 1000 INR. Every weekend Jackpot is distributed between players in our online casino.

Quick Arcade Games Strategy Tips

arcade game strategy

Every player wants to get not only pleasant emotions from playing arcade games, but also to win a good cash prize. For this purpose, there are several tips that will help the player to increase the chances of winning:

  • Practice, practice, practice! You will become more skilled at playing the Arcade Game the more you engage in it;
  • Keep working toward your goal. If you are able to aim more accurately, it will be much simpler for you to successfully strike the targets;
  • Experiment with each of the available arcade game modes. Because each mode presents a unique obstacle, you’ll need to adapt your approach to match the specific manner in which you’re engaging the game’s content;
  • Use game power-ups strategically. If the Arcade Game offers power-ups, use them strategically to gain an advantage. Save them for challenging levels or moments where they can help you achieve a higher score or win more money.

Facts About Arcade Games

Some interesting facts about our Marvelbet Arcade Games are listed below:

  • Arcade Games at our site are pleasing to the eye, thanks to high quality graphics and animations;
  • Our Arcade Games are accessible across different devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets;
  • Some arcade games at our online casino feature progressive jackpots, providing the opportunity to win sizable cash prizes;
  • Players can compete against each other in arcade game tournaments at our online casino, adding a competitive element to the gameplay;
  • Marvelbet online casino regularly updates its collection of arcade games, ensuring a fresh and exciting gaming experience for its users.


What Are Wagering Requirements At Arcade Games?

Wagering requirement is a multiplier that represent the number of times you have to play through a bonus before you are able to withdraw your winnings.

Where Can I Check My Casino Game History?

Previous game history is available under “Settings” located in the bottom corner of your game screen.

An Error Or Other Technical Issue Occurred In A Game While Playing. What Can I Do?

Please contact our Customer Service and provide the following information: Game/Game ID Exact/Approximate time when the game was played Stake amount and account balance before and after the game Error message received or explanation of the issue (if possible, provide a screenshot).

What Happens If I Lose My Internet Connection While Playing A Game?

All the games rounds are logged, and successful bets will still be valid. For more information, please read MarvelBet disconnection policy.

Where Can I Find My Favourite Arcade Games?

The player must log in to his account and tick the heart icon in any of his games. This Arcade game will automatically appear under ‘Favourite’ section of the site.